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Health, Hospitals & Pharmaceuticals

Health, Hospitals & Pharmaceuticals

The Saudi health-care sector is the largest in the region, and it is witnessing advances in terms of quality and geographical coverage. Spending on healthcare is around $ 36bn and expected to increase by around 6% yearly up to 2018. The strong growth expected in the sector is a as a result of population growth ( growth rate at around 2.5 % per year; 47% of population is under 18, strong growth of work-age population) increase in income per capita, increase chronic illness, road accidents and life-style related diseases ( obesity, diabetes, and asthma). Government is main investor in health care sector ( direct 60 % , indirect 20 % approx.), however, it is encouraging private-public joint projects, and encouraging private sector investment. There are ambitious projects of building new medical cities, local hospitals and hundreds of primary care centers throughout KSA; and there is a move towards E-health. Efforts are exerted to have medical care accredited nationally and internationally.

Growth in health sector is also expected in other GCC countries and expenditure on health sector is expected to increase by nearly 3.5 %. Investment in healthcare education and IT information systems continues to increase. Insurance penetration is on the rise.

GCC countries import more than 85% of their pharmaceutical needs, and import near 95 % of medical devices, and there is an increase in demand for new medical technologies.

At K. Shahrani & Co. Law Firm we provide our clients with legal solutions that are reflects deep understanding of local conditions and requirements in KSA and GCC, and are tailored to the needs of client in each specific situation, and size of his organization.

We provide highly professional legal advice and assist clients with the following, without limitation:

  • Facilities Medical Licensing and follow up with MOH
  • Building of hospitals and health centers
  • Feasibility studies, Islamic financing, and applications for public subsidization /funding;
  • Pharmaceutical distribution agreements
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facilities
  • Scientific office
  • Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) application and follow up
  • Training centers
  • Research centers
  • Documentation review for public contracts in medical care
  • Accreditation applications local and international;
  • Employment in medical sector
  • Practitioners' / Physicians' professional liability and medical error
  • Procurement and international purchases
  • ICT for medical sector
  • International cooperation and transfer of technology
  • Represent clients at CCHI
  • Dispute resolution